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Exploring healing as a sacred process of creation

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Awakening The Divine Sacred Power through dance & movement

For the past couple of months I’ve been basking myself in all the wonderful changes within and around me, as I’ve been reading a lot surrounding the Sacred Feminine and have learnt so much about what the true divine essence of being a wombman really is and means. The feminine energy in its purest form is wpid-screenshot_2015-06-07-00-59-53-1.pngcreation and unconditional love, so I’ve been connecting and exploring with this energy and have had so much fun being more loving to myself and others without limits or conditions and freely allowing myself to create new things.

What I found the most interesting from my innerstanding of the sacred feminine is the amount of power that lies within our pelvis’. Which is basically our womb and sacred spaces. This is something that I had been thinking about for sometime now, as a couple of years back I started to become more attuned with my body and realised that particular exercises and postures would strengthen my pelvis and make me feel so free in my body and movement.

In particular what made me really connect with this understanding was dancing, especially twerkin’. Yes Twerkin’! It really fascinated me how the body could manipulate muscle contractions in such a rhythmic way and I hwpid-screenshot_2015-06-07-11-11-38-1.pngad so much fun learning different techniques (I’m sure u can imagine lol). Continue reading



Embracing Winter to blossom our goals and life changes into Spring

It’s officially Winter and I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that Autumn & Winter are the seasons I find the most difficult to transition with. The sudden fall in temperature, the shorter days and longer nights really get me in a funk. The past month or so I’ve found it difficult to focus, been a little run down and just generally felt a little out of sync. Every day it seemed as though my to-do list was increasing more than decreasing! Continue reading

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Welcome to Creative Healing!!

handsThanks for coming here to check out my blog. I created this blog as I’ve been realising that there is a shift happening in the world where people are becoming more aware of a different way of living life. So I thought to keep in alignment with that flow the least I could do is give back what I’ve learnt through my experiences and the knowledge I’ve gained in the hope that it enlightens you 🙂 Continue reading