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Embracing Winter to blossom our goals and life changes into Spring


It’s officially Winter and I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that Autumn & Winter are the seasons I find the most difficult to transition with. The sudden fall in temperature, the shorter days and longer nights really get me in a funk. The past month or so I’ve found it difficult to focus, been a little run down and just generally felt a little out of sync. Every day it seemed as though my to-do list was increasing more than decreasing! As if there was just not enough time in the day to get it all done, and then it dawned on me that there is SO much happening around this time. We had the mercury retrograde that took place in October plus the clocks going back and not to mention all the changes that are occuring around us with nature.


Right now Mother Earth is going through a transitioning state in order to prepare for the next couple of months into spring. This is her phase to let go of all things old and start a fresh – a bit like a detox. As we are connected with nature, whatever is happening around us affects us too and vice versa. So as She is shedding leaves, harvesting and hibernating, one way or another these things will manifest themselves in our lives, as a way to guide us and let go of things that will not benefit us in the next couple of months.

We may find difficult or uncomfortable situations presenting themselves to us or noticing that the same things we’ve once enjoyed are starting to feel tedious or just not as fulfilling. Restlessness, a sudden change in appetite or routines may be another signal. This is all part of the process, as we all experience things in our own way these are all signals that we must pay attention to, and work through in order to get rid of the old and introduce the new.

This part of time is really exciting as we can tap in to this regenerative power to boost the manifestations of our dreams. Whatever we manifest now will come to light and blossom in the up and coming spring months. The amazing thing is that it is not difficult at all, it simply starts with planting a seed for a particular goal and applying intent that it WILL grow – then it will come into fruition!


If we use nature as an example of how to utilise this effectively there are three main things that are taking place right now. Shedding of leaves, hibernation and harvesting. For us shedding takes places as we reflect and rid ourselves of all the things that did not work and prevented us from blossoming this cycle. This could be letting go of fear, old or non-effective thinking patterns, re-evaluating relationships and letting go of wpid-images-13.jpg.jpeghabits/attachments to things that no longer serves us well. Harvesting may be utilising this time to do the research and get all the resources together that will help in the blossoming of ourselves and our goals. Hibernating, this part of the process I guess is the more holistic approach as it is about looking after yourself. There is so much going on so it’s important to rest ourselves mindfully and allow our bodies to do the rest of the healing for us.

So to follow on from this I have come up with a few TIPS that can be used for guidance during this time and help manifest goals.



At this time it is highly important to connect with our inner selves and ground ourselves with nature. Tap in and explore the world that unites us together, you’ll discover that we share common feelings. If you do not know how to there are various classes around london. Inner space hold free classes in the afternoon and evenings. Check it out here! Plus there are tonnes of guided videos on YouTube.

Be kind to yourself and express compassion for others

wpid-images-28.jpegAs I mentioned before a lot is going on right now so it is good to be aware and practice compassion for others and respect their own processes too because chances are they are experiencing similar situations and feelings. Also be kind to yourself too because a lot is happening physically and spiritually so instead of beating ourselves up for things, let it go and be more understanding of decisions we’ve made and of things that we have or have not done. Expressing this type of compassion towards ourselves breaks the ego and brings us closer to understanding and relating with ourselves, which is important for the shedding phase.

Pamper yourself like crazy!


Show respect and honour to your inner self by pampering yourself. Get a massage, take a nice hot bath or go for a spa break. Just anything as long as you are making that effort to look after yourself and feel good, that is the most important thing.

Right now our inner Queens and Kings are craving for our attention and this is the right time to tune in and listen. The more attentive we become towards ourselves the more aware we become of new discoveries, which will really enhance the shedding phase and letting go of the old things that didn’t work. Whatever is discovered during these months will manifest themselves in Spring.

Get as much rest as you can


Shut down, relax and allow your body to recharge and heal itself. Our bodies have the power to do this. To enhance this try listening to self-healing guided meditations or some healing music just before or during your sleep.

Get out of the house and into nature


Take a stroll through the park or simply take time to notice the trees, birds, and insects that you meet throughout your daily routines. Touching trees, plants and talking to nature really helps to heighten the connection, so if you feel comfortable doing this give it a try. Whilst you are out and about try this little exercise to help connect you with nature. When you walk pass a tree or see birds in your view take deep inhalation breaths as though you are welcoming them into your heart and as you exhale imagine love seeping out of your heart and showering them.

Drink lots of clean water and Detox

wpid-fluroide-detox-beverage.jpg.jpegThis is a given no matter what time of year. If you can filtered or bottled water is the best to consume. Also detox to give your system a cleanse to get rid of the build up of toxins. One way in which I do this is by having warm lemon first thing in the morning before I eat. Sometimes I like to add some ginger as well to give it a bit of a kick! Recently I’ve also started to add some Pink Himalayan Salt, which makes it even more alkaline.

Do things YOU love

wpid-images-18.jpegSet time aside each day, week or month, however it suits you to solely do something you love – I really wanna stress about the YOU because whatever it is, it must be something you do alone that brings you a sense of joy and happiness. I also invite you to truly be present, explore and indulge yourself in the feeling you get from this activity. This will open up infinite explorations for you to discover more about yourself.

Thought piece…
Right now all Mother Earth wants is for us to acknowledge her beauty and vital existence in this universe, so I really encourage you to take the time and concentrate on your individual  connection with Her, it will open up endless opportunities!
Thank you for reading
Rosie x

2 thoughts on “Embracing Winter to blossom our goals and life changes into Spring

  1. Lovely read. just the pick me up i needed.

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